The Winning Student, The TV Audience and Future Alumni

Well that’s another week over and even though it was a short study week we still have a few bits of news for you, however this week’s blog entry will be shorter than the norm.

First up this week is an offer, from Katie Haughan of Thames TV, to be part of the audience in a new TV show.  Thames Television are looking for people to be in the audience for a brand new Channel 4 quiz show called 1001 Things You Should Know, presented by Sandi Toksvig.  The show is a question based quiz where contestants answer questions set by celebrities and experts in their field to win cash prizes.

The show will be filming at BBC Scotland, Pacific Quay on the 7th and 8th of June and then again from the 11th until the 13th of June.  If you are interested then you should arrive at 12 pm OR 6 pm prompt for the shows each day.  Just pop along on the day or email however, be aware that tickets are given on a first come first served basis.

Now for some fantastic news about one of our students, Paul Edgar.  Paul entered into the Scottish finals  of the Worldskills UK Cisco Networking competition at Adam Smith College on 1st June 2012, where he placed 2nd.  Paul had made it through two previous rounds of heats held at Cardonald College where he place 1st and 3rd .

This is a fantastic achievement for Paul considering he was up against other colleges from around Scotland as well as degree level students and people from industry. As a result of his placing in the competition, he will be invited to the UK Worldskills national finals in London.  Paul is currently a student on the HND Networking and Internet Technology course and already has an offer to enter year 3 degree at Glasgow Caledonian University.  Congratulations to Paul!!

Next a music update from Electric Honey, one of their bands, French Wives, has now released their album ‘Dream of the Inbetween’.  Their ten track album, which was two years in the making, was produced by Tony Doogan and has had some great reviews so far.  French Wives have been extremely busy so far performing at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas and later this year they plan to tour France and Germany.  Their album is currently available on their website –

Finally for this week, as you know we are heading towards the end of the academic year and a lot of you will be moving on to new and exciting things, but we don’t want to lose contact with you and would love it if they joined our Alumni Community.  The Alumni Community is a new venture for us and as such we are looking for ideas of what you would like from us.  We will keep you up to date with Stow goings-on via newsletters and short emails, but it would be helpful to us if you could let us know what else we can do for you.  If you would like to join the community or have ideas or suggestions for us, then please contact Tracey Borland.

That’s another blog update over, but come back again next week for more news.


The Filmmaker, The Band and Constructionarium Team

Welcome back to you all after the Easter break, we hope you all had a great time and didn’t over-indulge too much.

Well we may have been quiet over the break, but we have a multitude of updates and stories for you this week, from visiting students and cake sales to short courses for Amey and student submissions.  All this plus a good few photo’s so let’s get started.

We will begin this week with the first of our two student submissions (yes not one, but two).  Fraser Brand is an ex HNC Music Performance student and he will be letting us know about his band Ocean House.

Ocean House are a Glasgow Rock/Post Grunge band with influences from such bands as Creed, Nickelback, Alter Bridge, Shinedown, Black Stone Cherry, Blink 182 and many more.  Ocean House have just released their latest EP Life Through Glass which includes the bands latest single “Down Inside”.  2012 has been a good year so far with the bands release of Life Through Glass as well as a list of shows taking place during April and May before the band starts recording their debut album.

Ocean House came together back in 2008 under a different moniker, however members decided to take a break to focus on other things.  In 2010 the original members reunited and recruited new Guitarist Ross to make the final line up of Fraser Brand – Lead Vocals and Guitar, Ross Hainey – Lead Guitar, Keir Laird – Drums and Sean Beaton – Bass Guitar. 

Both Fraser Brand and Ross Hainey have a Stow College background, Fraser graduated the HNC Music Performance course in 2010 and then continued on to HND at North Glasgow College and now studies Commercial Music at the University of the West of Scotland.  Ross Hainey is currently finishing his Stow College HND in Sound Engineering while working with Ocean House and will be the head engineer for their record. Both members feel they have gained knowledge from Stow College especially in the performance and practical side of the Creative Industries.  This knowledge has helped their technical ability and playing ability therefore helping them to excel to the next level of showmanship.

Ocean House have currently finished the material for their debut album and are now rehearsing for pre-recording and upcoming shows. The bands next show is at Glasgow’s Classic Grand on the 27th of April 2012, with tickets at only £6 this show is sure to be sold out so get your tickets now.  Life Through Glass is out in Glasgow stores Monorail, Love Music and Fopp as well as being available for download on reputable download stores.”

Thanks to Fraser for that, it’s always great to hear stories like this.  If you want to know more about Ocean House then visit their Website, Facebook, MySpace or YouTube sites.

Now some news from Ron Dillin about some French visitors.  Stow College is delighted to welcome three computing students from the University of Reims in France who are here for 10 week work placements in the Faculty of Creative Industries.  Loïc, Jean-Séverin and Mathilde arrived on 2nd April and are progressing well with their projects.  They took time out to sample some Scottish culture, scenery and whisky with a tour of Glengoyne Distillery and a boat trip on Loch Lomond with Ron Dillin.  The sun shone for them (yes, really!) and the whisky was excellent!

The trio are based in room 2/14 so please pop in to say ‘Bonjour, ça va?’ or even ‘Hello! How are you?’  Their English is excellent so if you see them around the college, please do say hello.  Loïc is programming a video game using C#/XNA, Jean-Séverin is developing notes for the Arduino interfacing kit and Mathilde is working on a project to help automate the backup of courses from Moodle 1.9 to Moodle 2.2.  They are being supervised by Finlay McGregor, David McDade and Derek Doyle.

The college is delighted to continue to support our long-standing links with our Reims partners and we are sure the projects will be of great benefit to the college.  (In the pictures, left to right, are Loïc, Jean-Séverin and Mathilde.)

Next, an update we have been waiting to hear about for a few weeks – Electric Honey and their South by Southwest visit.  This year Mark Baillie and Ken McCluskey attended the annual South by South West music conference and  festival in Austin, Texas as part of our staff development.   Creative Scotland had also invited two of  the bands from the Stow College record label Electric Honey, Woodenbox and the French Wives to represent Scotland at their sponsored showcases over the five days in mid march.  This was a great opportunity for them as lecturers to keep abreast of the ever changing business that is music in the digital age and a fantastic experience for the bands to represent their country while making contacts with various music promoters, radio stations ,Interactive media and networking with musicians and their managers from around the world.

The music event has grown from 700 registrants in 1987 to over 16,000 registrants this year and has really placed Austins eclectic music scene on the map with the idea that  too much attention was been given to cities such as Los Angeles and New York.  As Austin has grown and diversified, film companies and high-tech companies have played a major role in the Austin and the Texas economies. In 1994, SXSW added a film and interactive component to accommodate these growth industries. SXSW Film and SXSW Interactive events together attract approximately 32,000 registrants to Austin every March.

There was a great awareness of Scottish music at the Conference and Ken is pleased to report that they all enjoyed a very warm and open armed welcome and general hospitality through our connection with the college and the  Electric Honey label. Through networking we have already invited some of the Texan acts over to Scotland for live gigs and recording sessions in the near future and hope to build on these connections for the good of the College, the students and Electric Honey.

We now move to the Engineering Faculty for a moment or two.  Stow College has been involved in Constructionarium for the last 5 years & are the only FE College in Britain to be invited.  Since 2010 the project has been run in Scotland and Stow College received a ‘Highly Commended’ Award  that year at the SQA Star Awards recognising their partnership with Constructionarium.  Recognised as “sector leading” by HMIE at the last college visit, Constructionarium has no academic qualification but by allowing the students to experience a taste of  the reality of construction operations, the project has been very successful, so much so the enthusiastic 2nd year students participating expressed a wish that it become a formal part of the HND course rather than an enhancement.

The 2nd year Engineering students – in 3 teams & under the watchful eye of Kevin Gallacher – gave up 5 days of the easter break to take part, braving hail, snow & torrential rain to complete the construction of their chosen project, having to work together, plan & construct with assistance from Contractors Laing O’Rourke.  Due to the success of the project & the enthusiasm of the staff & students, The Faculty of Engineering are planning to roll this out to 1st year full time students for the first time this term.

See the video of Constructionarium Easter 2012 (produced by Fraser Purdie) –  More info on Constructionarium:

Some more engineering news, but this time from Douglas Thomson.  The college ran the first of (hopefully many more to come) short engineering courses for Amey facilities staff.  These employees work at Edinburgh and Glasgow airports and were getting basic training in repairs and maintenance, plumbing, joinery, electrical safety etc.

This was a 3 day course titled “Basic Engineering – Repairs and Maintenance” and was set up for Amey who have contracts to look after schools, airports and other buildings.  They have facilities staff (janitors) who are there all the time but can’t do basic repairs – so, Amey would need to call out an engineer to fix it.  This course provided the people on the course with the skills they needed.  They did very well, so congratulations to all involved.

A totally new subject now ….. Learner Services provides pre-entry guidance and information on a wide variety of areas to assist students as they begin their journey through Education. One of the most important areas is Student Funding. Historically we have given “Finance talks” to individuals or groups as they arrive for interview. This is crucial to students arriving in August prepared for the year ahead.

In order that we provide a consistent, clear and professionally delivered message to our applicants we decided to move from delivering a talk or a presentation to the production of 2 separate films (F.E. and H.E.). Not only do we feel that this will be more effective for our students on the day but it also allows us to place both films on our Website and Moodle. We can also e-mail the film to every student who has an offer with us and ensure that our applicants  who are interviewed in different campuses will not miss out.  Hopefully this will prove to be yet another improvement to the services we deliver for our students.

The filming process was not without its difficulties during scripting, filming or editing with several “difficult actors” to deal with. Red Dawnie Brasco Gillespie and Ryan O’Neil Gillen-haugh gave the studio particular difficulties and “will never appear in another one of my pictures again” according to Director Fraser Fellini Purdie.  If you would like to see these videos then go to the following links – FE Video or HE Video.

Now for our second student feature this week and this comes from James Tew a 2nd Year HND TV Production student..  James recent work has receive quite a bit of attention and he has kindly agreed to tell us about it.  The pictures with this section are stills from his film, as with all the other pictures they are captioned (just point with your mouse)

Helena, Renee and Me  –  In early March 2012 I began planning a documentary about my friend Renee. For nearly two years I had served her double gin and tonics and she always returned me absorbing conversation. Since I had met her she had been involved with helping other people; devising adult learning courses, hosting community radio shows, planning local fairs and all while remaining politically pro-active within the city of Aberdeen. These admirable traits were to form the main focus of my film.

Not long after ten oclock on the 2nd of this month I was awoken by my phone, it was Renee. She was talking faster than my morning ears could listen. What she was attempting to explain and what I was slowly beginning to understand was that in mid March she had successfully entered a shop window mannequin into Aberdeens upcoming local council elections. Furthermore, not only had the council and the police now discovered this remarkable example of electoral lampooning so too had the national press. That very day Renee and said mannequin had their very own full-page spread in the Scottish Sun newspaper. By the morning of the 3rd another entire page of the same red top had been dedicated to the story as Renee was now under investigation. Helena of Torry and her election agent Renee Slater were now well-recognised public figures. Consequently my documentary plans had to evolve, and so, Helena of Torry, named after her heroin Helen of Troy, became the joint centrepiece of the film alongside Renee. However, unlike her heroin who managed to somehow start a war by being a bit too pretty, Helena instead became the poster girl for an undercurrent of civil unrest that presently resonates among many Aberdonians.

By the morning of the 4th my name was appearing in the Sun. I had yet to begin filming and already I was haphazardly describing my intentions for ‘my forthcoming production’ to the nation through a tabloid newspaper. I would like to say this is what usually happens to me the week before I begin a college project but it really isn’t. Renee and her irrepressible enthusiasm for everything had brought me and Helena into the public eye……And so began the story of Renee, Helena and I( …..or possibly ‘& me’…still cant decide).

Principal photography began as soon as the newspaper coverage did. I felt compelled to capture my excitement and quickly a day-by-day video diary was underway. During this period I went on an extensive email offensive with Aberdeenshire council as my quarry.  Abruptly I discovered that no one would be willing to talk to me let alone give me an interview. Even with my overtly flowery rhetoric and wholesome promise to reveal all intended interview questions before the event, none could be persuaded. I did receive a multitude of email replies all of various differing lengths. The Chief Executive and Returning Officer for the election both politely declined in the usual convoluted bureaucratic manner expected of public officials, they got someone else to do it for them. A few of the candidates who, if all things had remained secret, would have been running in the same ward as Helena, also sent brief and to the point responses. However, two of these candidates did in fact send extensive replies in which they fully explained their reasons for not wishing to participate. The Aberdeenshire Police has yet to get back to me but as Helena’s bid for election is now being treated as a serious crime I believe they are legally bound to stay tight-lipped.

I arrived in Aberdeen on Monday the 9th and started filming; by the 14th as I was set to depart south I knew had just experienced one of the most rewarding weeks of my brief film-making career. The documentary is set to be finished late next month as I wish to include some facts and figures and any possible fallout from the elections on the 3rd of May.

Subsequent to the Union Terrace Gardens referendum, a subject I would encourage anyone interested in conservation and/or corruption to research further, many people in Aberdeen now harbour a strong disdain for the governing bodies in place in the city. Thus, whatever interpretation you may take from Renees person brand of satire there is something that cannot be denied. Renee and Helena have raised the profile of an event that would usually have to come to pass with a large majority of people preferring to ignore it. Now they are talking….”

Thank you to James, that was a really interesting piece.  James will be appearing on Sunny Govan Community Radio Station, on the Ash & Sev show. Very soon, a date hasn’t been set yet, but he will keep us updated.  You can see more of James’s work on his Vimeo and YouTube sites.

Finally this week Morven Thomson has some sweet news.  Last year we had a cake sale in aid of the MS Society, we raised an impressive £520.01. We were bowled over by everyone’s generosity and by the high quality of the baking we were given.  So much so that we are going to do it all again! We will be holding a Cake Sale Thursday 03 May 2012 in the College Foyer as part of their MS Society National Cake Break fundraising event. You can help us in three ways:

  • Bake for us, or bribe a loved one to bake. It can be anything that can easily be divided up and sold to an appreciative public and we won’t tell if you didn’t bake it yourself!
  • Save us any margarine or ice cream tubs etc for packaging the cakes in
  • Most importantly, come and buy some cakes, or lots of cakes

The aim of the fundraising event is to help the MS Society provide essential practical and emotional support, financial assistance and care to help people affected by Multiple Sclerosis and allow them to invest in vital research to find a cause and cure.  MS affects around 100,000 people in the UK with Scotland and Northern Ireland having the highest prevalence of the condition in the world. For more information on the MS Society and their work visit their website at:

Please have a go, all donations will be gratefully received whatever the shape or size.  Like the Lurpak advert says “It doesn’t matter if its squint, you don’t measure taste with a spirit level!”

Well that’s us, thanks for sticking with us through this long, news packed update and we hope to see you back next week.

Support Glasgow 2014 and a Transatlantic Showcase

It’s that time again, the end of the week and time for a Blog update.  It’s not too long this week, but we do have some interesting info for you.

First up, Sport Your Trainers is a national Campaign which encourages everyone across the country to wear their trainers on Commonwealth Day, which is the 12th  of March and Glasgow 2014 wants everyone from all over Scotland, whether they are at home, work or play, to show their support for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games by ditching their normal footwear and wearing their trainers for the day.  Last year 820,000 people got involved in the campaign and this year the want more organisations to take part, they want all – schools, businesses and Games Partners to be involved.

This year Glasgow 2014 also have a further challenge, they want organisations to Step Up, by creating a healthy challenge.  Participants can Step Up and create an individual or group pledge here.  This pledge could be simply wearing their trainers for the day on 12th of March, taking the stairs at work or going for a walk at lunchtime.  There is no cost and they have some great prizes on offer: Glasgow 2014 Opening Ceremony tickets, Limited edition trainers and Official Glasgow 2014 shoelaces.  Why not take part, where your trainers to College on Monday the 12th of March and if you make a pledge, let us know and we’ll include you in next week’s blog, email your details to Tracey Borland and tell us what your pledge was.

Now a word or two from Margaret Cairns – Have you ever checked out the Student Room in Moodle?  You can get a certificate in: Protecting the Environment, Equality & Diversity in Practice or Data Protection Essentials.  Cylix online courses which the College has purchased for staff training are also available for students to complete. The courses are short (maximum time about an hour), fully interactive and very informative.  The courses include up-to-date information on the latest legislation (particularly useful for the work place) and the course certificates are extras you can add to your CV. AND it’s all free…….just go to the Student Room in Moodle.

Next some food news from John Briody.  On Monday the 12th of March we have an amazing food concept coming to Stow College. Elior have gathered top Chef`s  from around the world to create this fantastic array of VIBRANT Flavours.  Each day we will be featuring dishes from Asia and the sub Continent to tempt your taste buds and take you to some amazing far flung places.  The name of this Concept is CHU.  Why not come and see for yourself and visit our CHU Stand in Food on Five and the Refectory at Stow West.

How about some Creative Industries news, well Archie Dickson has passed some on.  The MOBO Tour rolled into Glasgow on Saturday 25th of February and SMIA, Hear Glasgow! and Urban Development collaborated to produce the MOBO ACADEMY – a day of training, seminars and events, all for free!  This event was promoted to our students and some of them volunteered to go along on the day and help out.   The volunteers who went to the event on Saturday impressed everyone with their enthusiasm, professionalism and “can do” approach, in fact they impressed so much the companies involved want to work with  them again.  We are sure they found the experience valuable and interesting.

Finally for this week Ken McCluskey has given us a wee reminder of the up and coming big event for Electric Honey.  Mark Baillie and Ken are going to the South by Southwest conference in Austin Texas next week.  Two of Stow Colleges  Electric Honey bands Woodenbox and the French Wives have been chosen by Creative Scotland to represent the country’s continued success through music this year.  They will join bands such as We Were Promised Jetpacks, Django Django, Three Blind Wolves and Tango in the Attic in a Showcasing of Scotland.  We wish Electric Honey, Woodenbox and French Wives all the best for this exciting opportunity.  Ken has promised us updates from Texas so we should be able to tell you more next week.

Well, that’s us again for this week, but come back next week for more news, updates and pictures.

Music Festivals, A Rally and A Fantastic Opportunity!

The end of another week and just a teeny, tiny bit closer to Spring, when we will get just as much rain, but it may be warmer.  To take away the chill just now we have a few great stories and updates for you so let’s get started.

A few weeks ago we told you about the success of the Electric Honey label and how Woodenbox with a Fistful of Fivers  and The French Wives have been signed up to perform in front of crowds of thousands at the South by SouthWest Music Festival, which takes place in March in Austin, Texas.  Well we have a bit more information for you.

The event, which has taken place every year since 1987, draws music lovers from across the world with an eclectic mix of genres and styles. To make it onto such a huge billing, the bands had to go through a tough bidding process to receive funding from Creative Scotland. The money gained was then used to submit ‘press kits’ to judges in the USA. Finally both acts had to persuade a South by SouthWest panel.

Mark Baillie, Lecturer in Creative Industries at Stow College, said: “South by SouthWest is simply huge. Both Woodenbox and The French Wives are fast becoming established music names, but after this festival they are sure to get big career boosts. This is the first time acts signed to Electric Honey have performed at the event, so we’re naturally completely delighted.”  Mark added: “Electric Honey has built up a fierce reputation in the music business. Making it to South by SouthWest is another achievement along an amazing road of success.  So congratulations to both bands and Electric Honey on this fantastic achievement.

Now for some great news from Archie Dickson.  Once again Stow College Students have been invited to be part of one of Glasgow’s most prestigious events; the Glasgow Film Festival.  1st and 2nd year students from Stow College’s TV production course are currently involved in a variety of high profile roles for 10 events (for the duration of the event) at this year’s event, these will include filming interviews with many of the directors, screenwriters and cast from the featured films and providing completed edits of these interviews for inclusion on the GFT website.  Having opportunities like these enhances the value of the course and gives the students invaluable experience of the industry.

More from our Creative Industries Faculty, but this time it’s about a performances.  The production was held at the Theatre Royal with 31 of our 1st and 2nd year HND Professional Stage Dance Students involved. Stow’s contribution to the production was a fourteen minute condensed piece from Shakespeare’s famous stage play Romeo and Juliet.  The Stow students were integral to the success of the opening ceremony for the show on Valentines Day and were asked to conclude the event on the Saturday at the final gala performance. Students by being involved in this spectacular show achieved and completed their assessments in Advanced Performance Skills as a result.  Stow’s part in this production was a result of the close partnership that has been established over the past 4years between Stow College and Creative Learning Team at the Kings Theatre and the Theatre Royal.

Next an event and also an opportunity that you may be interested in.  First, on Saturday the 25th of February Unite Against Facism (UAF) will have a Rally and Music Event in George Square beginning at 12 noon.  This is to celebrate a multicultural Glasgow and also to show the Scottish Defence League, who are planning to hold a demonstration on the same day, that we will not tolerate their racist views or violent methods.  ‘Glasgow has a proud history of challenging prejudice and promoting equality’.  If you would like more information, please read the attached leaflet or visit the UAF website.

You will want to know about that opportunity now, well Bernadette Kelly from a television company called Twofour.  Bernadette has told us that they are currently making a new business series with the help of Richard Reed, the co-founder of Innocent Smoothies.  This is where you come in, they are looking for 500 young entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas to Mr Reed.  To take part you need to be over 18 to apply and you will have either started a small business or have a great idea that you really want to follow through with.  Mr Reed will give £100 to 500 people who will then have to video diary what they have used the money on. They will then be invited to an Expo in May where the entrants will be whittled down and given a larger amount of money, until he is left with one who he will invest up to a million in.  This is a great opportunity for a young entrepreneur to give them a chance to get started.  A website with all the information you need will be launched on Monday so make sure you check Facebook and Twitter for the address.

Finally for this week, the college is having a Healthy Heart Week Awareness Campaign in the college, starting today (Friday the 25th February). You only have one heart and you need to take care of it, so keep an eye out for hints, tips and guidelines displayed around the college on how to keep yourself and your heart healthy.  You can also get helpful leaflet and booklets from the British Heart Foundation website.

Well that’s us, see you all back here again next Friday.

A Braw Ceilidh and Stow’s Musical Connections

We have lots of good news, stories and pictures for you this week, so let’s get straight into it.

First some news of a charity project that Stow has been involved in.  Thousands of people in one of Africa’s poorest nations have been given access to clean water for the first time, thanks, in part, to donations from Stow College.  More than 22,000 people in impoverished Mali are now able to wash, cook and drink knowing that they no longer face the risk of water-related diseases like cholera and dysentery.

Money for the African project was raised through AquaFund, a scheme run by water firm ADSM, which encourages organisations like Stow College to make environmental and financial savings in their domestic water supplies. 1% of revenue from AquaFund is then donated to WaterAid, helping to transform lives.

Great news for Electric Honey! Not one, but two of the label’s recent signings, Woodenbox and The French Wives have been selected to play at the music industry’s most prestigious conference and networking event South by Southwest. The annual event, which takes place in Austin, Texas between March 13-18, will see both bands performing at the coveted Creative Scotland showcase, which aims to present the best of emerging Scottish talent to a global audience.  SXSW attracts every kind of music industry practitioner including record labels, publishers, live music agents, press officers, radio producers, and online and digital professionals from around the globe who converge in Austin for a series of panel discussions, seminars, showcase events and keynote speeches, and represents a fantastic opportunity for the bands and the label to forge international links.

Now for an update on one of our events.  Stow College’s Burns Night Ceilidh once again proved to be a huge success, surpassing last year’s event.  Of the many highlights over the evening the speeches provided by Mark Baillie, Graham Mackie’s address to the ‘Ladies’ and the very creative approach of the reply to the ‘Laddies’ delivered by Ian ‘Elsie’ Sturrat stood out.

Our band for the evening ‘HaudYerLugs’ as always, never fail to deliver, and the feedback from all of those in attendance said it all, with many acclaiming the evenings band ‘as the best Ceilidh band they had heard or danced to’.

The event raised over £712.00 for the Stow Charity for this year the Glasgow Association for Mental Health.  This will hopefully become an annual event in the Stow event calendar, so don’t wait, book your tickets now for next year.

Next …… A number of 2nd-year Sound production students have been involved in King Tuts Wah Wah Hut’s annual music festival ‘New Year’s Revolution’ assuming sound engineering responsibilities on shows running from the 5th to 19th January.  This represented a great opportunity for students to engage with industry, and gain experience working in what the NME suggests is “quite possibly the finest small venue in the world”. Guillaume Coet, long-standing venue manager commented: “I was impressed by the diligence and expertise demonstrated by Stow students and I hope that this can lead to future projects between ourselves and the college”.

Student Steven Concannon who was involved in the project remarked on the experience: “it was a great opportunity to put the knowledge I’ve gained on the course into practice and to make contacts in the local music industry  and I thoroughly enjoyed it!”

Now for some promotional news from John Briody.  Weekly promotions will be starting on Monday 30th January.  The Market will kick things off on Monday 30th January till Friday 3rd February, with a Happy Hour from 08:00 am  until 09:00 am each morning, just buy any tea or Coffee and get a cookie for only 30p, there are more details of this in store.

Also Fontinella has a Panini and Pepsi offer on.  Grab yourself a Panini and a Pepsi for just £2.99, saving yourself 20p.  This offer is valid from Monday the 30th of January until Friday the 3rd of February.  Last, but by no means least, Food on Five and Stow West have the Big Breakfast deal.  Buy a five item breakfast and get a free tea or Coffee.  All sounds great!!

Finally for this week Stow College’s Marketing Department has some great news, they have been shortlisted for an award in the ‘Integrated Marketing Campaign’ category of the Scotland’s Colleges Marketing Awards.  This is a great achievement for Stow as ‘The awards are designed to recognise and celebrate excellent marketing practice in Scotland’s colleges.’ (quote from Scotland’s Colleges site).  Awards will be presented on Thursday the 23rd of February, so we will need to wait until then to find out what’s happened.  We’ll keep you posted.

That’s us for another week, but pop back next Friday for more Stow news.